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Who Is Jamil Rasul Bey?

The last Mohican, to some.

Many people have only ever heard of him from the event of July 3rd.  But Jamil did not happen to stumble upon his purpose from out of nowhere.  His grandmother saw a leader in him as a youth; one who refused to be oppressed or to allow it to be done to others. Heavily pro-active in his community up until his having been man-napped July 3rd, he is loved by many who wonder as he still remains the last Moor in captivity who Jamil is and why he still remains captive? What is it about his case that is different? When did he become this Man? Where did the inspiration come from and why?

Jamil is scheduled to appear before the court tomorrow, August 30th 2022.

On August 24th, 1986, Jamil’s soul is made manifest in the flesh, arriving by the waters of a Mother raised at Brooklyn, New York. He is a resilient and healthy, rambunctious child from the start, whose life path curiosities would develop into a search for the answers as to why certain people suffered so much more than others.  His childhood was a difficult one, having been placed in the foster care system with unfit families for a time until he was finally placed with his beloved grandmother, and even then the streets were rough where he grew up at the Bronx. He experienced the prejudices of what it is to be a beast of no nation; the black and brown American experience of poverty and oppression without any explanation for it. Growing up, his school grades were always outstanding because Jamil loves to learn and as he matured, he would go on to explore alternatives to the spoon-fed history in the public schools he was sent to.  He came upon missing bits of hidden knowledge that would emerge as self-discovery, delving deep into studies of his relationship to the American soil and the Moorish heritage he is part of.


In the meantime, when Jamil would witness any form of law enforcement abuse, he made it his duty to protect the local community.  On his Youtube channel are several archives of the daily neighborhood abuses that people are victim to throughout the projects of the Bronx involving police abuse of authority.

Jamil would step in to defend the locals by protecting them with the law, and at times has even been detained for doing so. He would develop into a Man avidly involved in community uplift and volunteer work, eventually developing the idea of a Moorish-American festival to gather neighbors in a fun and interactive celebration of the culture. Just prior to the incident of July 3rd, he’d reached out to local politicians and policy enforcement to inform them where the block party activities were scheduled to take place for local children and families interested in learning more about the roots of Moorish- Americans, their descendants, and their history, especially as it relates particularly to New York, the place where remnants of the Moorish Empire in the Americas hold great significance (hence, the Empire state building). While a lot of people say what they are going to do, very few will take the actual responsibility to see it through even when times get tough, and one thing about Jamil is that he is not new to this commitment toward uplifting fallen Humanity, he is true to this.  More than anything he loves fathering his children, whom he misses dearly and are the light of his life. But he feels that if this sacrifice in living his truth means a better world for his family and friends, then he has done his earthly duty.

On July 3rd, we could literally have lost all eleven brothers to a firing line, and if you watch closely the drone video recording of the surrender taken by the Police, Jamil is franticly yelling at these policy enforcers not to shoot, because what we can’t see is that an officer had placed his finger on the trigger, and if one of them pull’s it, we know they will all pull it.

Surrender Video

For us, we are Moors. For them, our skin is brown and that’s that. ”Terrorists” and “outlaws” to them. For them, we are every name a slaveholder branded the aborigenes they traffic. Moors are still generally unacknowledged in the Americas, even though the U.S. would have no nation to speak of without them.

It is highly likely that if the Moors were unarmed and without body cams, they’d have been shot up in the dark of the night before with the incident framed as police having been “in fear for their lives”, and that’s just the raw truth of being Asiatic; a population which includes the variety of limitless copper-toned Natives that may identify as “white”, “black”, “American Indian”, “Native American” and/or “Alaska Native”  across North, South and Central America that are reduced to a variety of crayon colors, their Africanoid features, and/or hair texture.

The light at the end of the tunnel.

It is good for those seeking the truth, which always reveals itself in documented chronicles such as these that hope to be a guiding light in a foggy situation.  Such is the stage of life, as real people continue to experience an augmented reality where lies appear to be the truth and the truth appears to be a lie for most. Who complicated things and why seems to be the golden question. All one can do is take the journey and gain the wisdom that comes with it, in hopes that we develop into our higher selves.

“Peace and blissings manifest with every lesson learned //

If your knowledge were your wealth, then it would be well-earned //

If we were made in his image then call us by His name//

Most intellects do not believe in God //

But they fear us just the same.” ~ Erykah Badu


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