GREAT NEWS!! We’ve got the audio from the April 14th hearing (and it’s GEWD)

Updated: Jun 14

Shawwal 6, 1443 Hijrah = May 7, 2022 Gregorian

For those who recall sitting around fa EVA waiting to be let into Jamil’s recent (not so) mysteriously silent April 14th hearing, now you get to actually hear what happened!

SO, before you get started reviewing the hearing;

These are some highlights .

  • Jamil is asked a series of questions to determine if he is capable of “presenting self”, which amongst them includes where he is from. He declares ”Northwest Amexem, commonly known as America…Lenape Territory, Rananchqua known as the Bronx , New York”.

  • While Jamil adamantly REFUSES standby council he does not REJECT standby council IF the courts are insisting standby council without compromise. This results in the replacement of CHARLES JORDAN with KEITH DURDEN.

  • Jamil has demanded his property from prosecuting attorney GRAHAM VAN EPPS since the very beginning of this ordeal. As we know from previous writings, there is suspicion VAN EPPS has been tampering with evidence for a considerable amount of time. If it can ever be proven with his strong governmental ties, only time will tell. Finally, VAN EPPS agrees to send the property (including the controversial apartment keys) to the jail where Jamil is held captive after Jamil shows the judge photo evidence of the keys that VAN EPPS alleges he can’t find in an August 9th letter, a topic VAN EPPS skips around defining as holding Jamil’s “property and things” (never directly saying those “things” include Jamil’s keys).

  • After Jamil takes responsibility of the court this hearing, the judge is impressed with Jamil’s competency and decides that Jamil is sufficient enough to present himself, which is a huge accomplishment for Jamil (Yay!).

  • JUDGE BUDREAU asks Jamil what is next? and Jamil says there should be no reason why a bail hearing is not scheduled yet, since Jamil’s liberties are at stake where he is currently held PAST the expiration of the “dangerousness” hold that EMILY A. KARSTETTER decided back in July 2021. The judge states he will have an answer on the matter to Jamil by Friday. Since he does not specify which Friday, it is assumed by or before the following Friday of April 22nd. However, Jamil has yet to have received a written decision from JUDGE BUDREAU as of today, still currently held captive at the jailhouse.


AFTER JAMIL LEAVES THE COURTROOM, VAN EPPS goes back into the courtroom to make plans with Judge BUDREAU about Jamil without Jamil there to defend himself against VAN EPPS!


During this UNLAWFUL exchange, VAN EPPS tells the judge after Jamil leaves the courtroom that by Monday or Tuesday (April 18th/19th), he will submit documentation for his motion to extend time as to why detaining Jamil another 180 days is necessary. But if you listen carefully, Jamil previously argues very well why VAN EPPS is dishonorably out of order.

Jamil recently receives VAN EPPS’ alleged “reasons” for extending the detention (which is LATE by the way) until an UNLAWFUL trial commences, which includes two disciplinary actions at the jailhouses that VAN EPPS attempts to use as evidence why Jamil is an alleged “danger”. However the first “disciplinary action” was appealed and approved as void and of course, the second “disciplinary action” appears to have been a co-conspired attack on Jamil, the way in which Jamil is ran up on and tackled from behind on the yard. Hard to imagine VAN EPPS was not involved in staging this ordeal somehow, when you look at the series of events closely that he is now utilizing in attempts to keep Jamil captive. If you continue to listen, VAN EPPS goes on to tell the judge he spoke with the superintendent of the jailhouse where Jamil is at regarding the transfer of Jamil’s property, and states that the superintendent said “no”. However, Jamil was active in making arrangements with the jail about receiving his property meanwhile, of which the jail approved (likely something VAN EPPS hadn’t expected). All the evidence against VAN EPPS displays that he should be examined VERY CLOSELY!

How many innocent people has this happened to at Massachusetts who are sitting in jails for nothing? People like him who are said to be chosen for these positions of government as representatives of what is to be a government “FOR the people BY the people” should have folks sincerely questioning if these are actual government officials representing a true government, or IMPOSTERS.

Jamil, Jamhal, AND Quinn are the last three left and need to be released IMMEDIATELY. There is NO REASON why the prosecution should be granted anything he asks for. Since July 3rd, NO probable cause has been established, NO jurisdiction, NO injured party and NO crime to substantiate the charades. VAN EPPS is attempting to lock 11 INNOCENT people up for 67 years!! and Jamil alongside the others are fighting HARD to hold the Massachusetts government accountable, especially prosecuting attorney VAN EPPS who is LITERALLY bringing charges against them HIMSELF with no injured party to back his claim!!

It is very important that readers comprehend the severity of the Massachusetts Commonwealth allowing and being allowed to trespass ANYONE in these ways. If they are doing it to these Moors who have held them to every law you can imagine on paper and in court, it is PROMISED that this is ABSOLUTELY happening in mass numbers to people generally, especially those subject to any color caste system of the united states corporate construct, no matter how things are sliced and diced.

For those who would like to correspond with Jamil, please address mail scribed EXACTLY as is below:

ATTN: Jamil Rasul Bey

(“DOW” ID No. : 087336)

in care of:

Middlesex Correctional Facility

269 Treble Cove Road

N. Billerica, Massachusetts 01862

ONLY and ONLY if it is legal mail, please write “LEGAL DOCUMENTS” on the envelope.

Please also mail with tracking / certified mail in the event a particular parcel needs to be addressed.


A Hearing has been announced for May 10th, 2022 for Jamhal Talib Abdullah Bey & Jamil Rasul Bey. Further details will be provided as soon as they are available!

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