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UPDATE ON Jamil Rasul Bey’s Whereabouts.

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

UPDATES ON JAMIL as of Sha'ban 7, 1443 AH = Mar 10, 2022 CCY:

Upon calling the jailhouse that has Jamil captive, i am told he is in solitary confinement aka "the hole" following a hearing for February 16th, 2022. The incident follows a string of retaliatory events having transpired at the jailhouse just before the February 16th "status conference" hearing with SHANNON FRISON, presiding.

Since there has already been a record of issues at the facility and it is made clear that things cannot be handled on the state level even down to the basics, the internal affairs investigator asked that a formal complaint form from their state be completed and it is my HOPE that this will at least ensure Jamil's safety as things currently stand.

Please reference the following correspondence to the matter at hand:

Updates as of Ramadan 15, 1443 AH = 04.16.2022 CCY

In this hearing, DIANE FRANIERE picks up where FRISON leaves off in a string of “status conferences” that are allegedly hosted to see if a defendant has the ability to present themselves without an attorney if they so choose. However, the pattern at this court seems to be that no matter what the Moors say at hearings, the courts seem to have their decisions pre-determined. As Jamil has been adamant about presenting himself at court from the very beginning, he has also come up against a series of questions that he refuses to answer until judges and magistrates can answer a series of questions for clarification prior to proceeding. Ultimately, FRANIERE dismisses the hearing, and schedules another for a later date as she cannot even answer the first question, although she makes it seem as if Jamil is "uncooperative".

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