The Judge Removes Himself from the Case After a Series of “Carfuffles”, Jamil is Still Held Captive.

Updated: Jul 18

Re: the results of the UN-SCHEDULED July 8th, 2022 Hearing:

The unexpected hearing was a move to attempt at forcing jurisdiction once again with plans to persuade Jamil to waive his rights, of which was an unsuccessful attempt. Jamil directs the judge accordingly, asks why he’s not released, expresses how his rights are continually violated, and brings up the fact that this at-whim hearing was not scheduled. James Budreau announces he’s removing himself from the case. Ryan Ralph for Middlesex DA office stands in for ADA Van Epps and Keith Durden is present as court-appointed standby council. Meanwhile, Jamil proposes that if he MUST post bail that it be a $1,000 at most, released on personal recognizance at least, and set free unconditionally at best.

What can be done to assist.

The good vibes and the optimistic attitudes are working as they float amongst the ethers! For those of us cheering Jamil to the finish line lets keep the good energy flowing.

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(click on image below to listen to the July 8th hearing)

Budreau says they are there that day to review the previous colloquy for council. He says he reviewed the April hearing and states that Jamil is correct and did prove his competency at court prior to being sent to Bridgewater State Hospital for psychological evaluation. Budreau says there have been some “curfuffles , for lack of a better word” that Budreau alleges to have “interfered with my ability to pursue the next step, which was to try and get a certification that you wanted to go forward as pro se council and that you understood…that you are knowingly, willingly, and intelligently waiving your right to a lawyer…but you’re waiving that right…there is some concern about signing the waiver, I’m gonna ask you what your position is on that, Mr. Bey”

“I don’t waive any of my rights”, says Jamil.

Budreau says he understands the position, followed by “um”s and “uh”s until Jamil instructs him.

Jamil : You can just certify in writing -

Budreau : Yes…i can do that…that you are refusing to sign that waiver…I will send something out this afternoon.

Jamil goes on to inquire about the fact that the commonwealth’s motion for good cause has been under advisement for 2 months and 5 days and that he is still being deprived of his liberty and asks why it has yet to be addressed. Budreau says he is no longer on the case and says he “does not think” he took anything under advisement, but “issued an opinion”. He says a new judge will hear those matters, saying he hasn’t been around the case long enough. “It was (something) submitted by the prosecuting attorney” Jamil reminds Budreau, and Budreau says he “thinks” what he did was rule on excluding time, which did not necessitate him ruling on the issue of good cause (which is a statement that doesn’t seem to make sense because the motion for good cause Budreau believes he ruled on IS the commonwealth asking for a reason to exclude time, so…?)

Budreau : Once time has expired -

Jamil : That was June 9th. You ruled that it was 125 days,

Budreau : I don’t know that there was any time excluded because we haven’t ruled on that.

Jamil : The prosecution attorney has not filed another motion to exclude time, soooo…?

“Fair enough” says Budreau, stating that he will relay that issue to the court, telling Jamil perhaps to file a motion.

“To be ignored again?”, says Jamil, “none of my affidavits are being read or even considered

“An affidavit is not a motion”, says Budreau.

“Well I can’t file a motion because I don’t work for the court, so an affidavit is coming from someone who’s making statements of facts. And even when I did file a motion to compel the commonwealth to provide proof-of-claim that was ignored. Why would I continue to proceed in these inhumane, biased unfair proceedings not to mention the prosecuting attorney hasn’t even provided proof that I am LAMAR DOW?”

Budreau : I did not bring you in here for this purpose.

Jamil : So my liberty will continue to be deprived and denied then.

Budreau suggests to Jamil to title a motion/affidavit a particular subject matter and submit it as such, but Jamil knows that the courts will only use that as mechanism to exclude more time and an excuse to hold him longer.

Jamil : I’m not asking for bail, I’m asking to be released

Budreau : The case is on for next week and that is the perfect time to raise those issues

Jamil : So my affidavit to the court in regards to the estoppel by acquiescence, you can’t move on that?

Budreau : I’m not here for that…but because I left this issue open I came back for this reason.

Jamil : How is it that the court can just schedule dates at random times without even notifying the person being held liable for it? I was supposed to be here next week on the 12th!

Budreau : Unfortunately, it was at my convenience…and I thought it would be in your best interest to have it resolved.

Jamil : It’s really not resolved because my liberty is still being denied.

Budreau says he’ll have an opportunity to address that the next week. He apologizes and says “As I said we had some curfuffles in between…”

“Are we done with the ‘curfuffles’?”, Jamil asks.

The judge chuckles and says “we’re done with the curfuffles at this point as far as I’m concerned hopefully we won’t see anymore within the future”.

Interesting thing is, upon looking at the docket where the results of the hearing should be located, there are no notes and the clerk of the court that was there that day conveniently left on vacation that same day before she would notate anything, apparently. Ironically, whenever there is an opportunity to make Jamil look bad on the docket, there is no hesitation to make note of that. But suddenly, there is nothing to say about July 8th and everyone is suddenly sending in substitutes, stepping down from their jobs, and go on vacation . Interesting.

Re: overview of the SCHEDULED July 12th, 2022 Hearing:

Instead of James Budreau this time was David A. Deakin at the bench. While several people attended in hopes to participate via Zoom in the 50 minute hearing, as you can see below, there were issues with the audio for Jamil’s hearing (per the usual), although the court clerk alleges they did not know why no one could hear anything.

Nonetheless, Jamil gave some insight on his experience that day, focusing on the conversation of when he will be released and free to go. Jamil provided evidence of his standing as the beneficiary and authorized representative of the U.S. / Social Security Trust reflected on a birth certificate created (without his permission, of course) in his begotten “name”. Jamil enters into evidence the necessary documents pertaining the property of which he is the rightful administrator, placing full liability of the trespasses committed against him into the hands of Mr. Deakin for him to manage in the best interest of Jamil pertaining the property of which he is the beneficiary of. This means that Mr. Deakin is offered with the opportunity to do right by Jamil (a) because it is proven Jamil is NOT “LAMAR DOW” of which he’s stood on from day one (b) it would be against Jamil’s interest for the courts and commonwealth to continue abusing him and holding his body as collateral for the alleged violations of an entity that is in no way connected to Jamil, further substantiating the Human Trafficking and fraud taking place at Jamil’s expense as they conduct their commercial activities, amongst several other violations.

Ultimately, Jamil awaits word from Mr. Deakin that he be released at very least on personal recognizance, and at best free to go unconditionally. Mr. Deakin tries to say Laurence Pierce notated Jamil as a “flight risk”, which clearly has no foundation, as Jamil was asked if he wanted bail and refused the terms and conditions of what was offered where he discovered they are designed to entrap him. Why would a flight risk choose to sit in jail if he could have been released a long time ago by just saying what Mr. Pierce wanted to hear and then just running off?

“Judge Pierce made that decision because I would not use his words”, says Jamil, who upon studying law and civics discovers that words used in daily casual conversation have various definitions as they relate to various codes and statutes on state, national, and international levels. If you read Pierce’s decision here and review this hearing where Jamil addresses the matter, you will see what Jamil means.

Meanwhile, Jamil proposes that if he MUST post bail that it is a $1,000 maximum under threat, duress and coercion, citing the various abuses he’s suffered in captivity, besides the fact that no one should be held captive for a god given right recently expanded by the Supreme Court this past June 2022. And seeing as the commonwealth is preventing his ability to defend his liberty, he would have to bail out against his will in a circumstance where he is entitled to be set free unconditionally. Amongst the variety of events where Jamil is being deprived of the necessities required for his self-defense are the recent federal offenses of the jailhouse suddenly keeping originals of his mail and giving him copies of sensitive and confidential legal documents when he was previously getting all of his post mail with legal documents delivered correctly, substantiating the long suspected co-conspiracy between parties at the jail, with the District Attorneys, and Commonwealth cohorts as highly likely. Jamil awaits a decision due by the 30th of July from Mr. Deakin.

The good vibes and the optimistic attitudes are working as they float amongst the ethers! For those of us cheering Jamil to the finish line lets keep the good energy flowing.

For anyone who would like to donate toward raising bail funds for Jamil can send to the following:

CashApp: $4JRBey

PayPal : @podvision


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