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Van Epps has Jamil Rasul Bey Sent to a State Hospital to Try & Make Him Look Crazy.

(PLUS, deets on Aban & Lucha's hearing TOMORROW @ 9AM)

Jamil Rasul Bey had a hearing May 24th, 2022 resulting in an order by the court to have him sent to a state hospital citing an alleged “competency exam” ordered. Although the recent presiding judge, James Budreau, already determined Jamil to be competent enough to present himself, it seems the commonwealth and its ADA have managed to devise a new scheme. It appears they will try and FORCE jurisdiction over him where no crime exists, because Jamil has demanded a proof-of-claim from ADA GRAHAM VAN EPPS (of which there is STILL no actual CRIME on the record) who had a certain statute of time to respond whose time has formally expired.

What this action Jamil presents the prosecutor with (if you’ve listened to past hearings) requires the ADA to prove a claim with the proper ingredients against Jamil, the natural Being. A natural Being is a sentient (living), breathing Man and is indicated in grammar as a proper noun that can ONLY be spelled in upper and lower case letters, whereas the ONLY claims the corporate state of Massachusetts can exchange with pertaining their codes and statutes are other corporate (business) entities, properly represented in grammar as an ALL CAPS aka fictitious/commercial entity aka a “STRAWMAN” or “ENS LEGIS”. since COMMERCE and its commercial entities are the only types of PERSONS which the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION can transact BUSINESS with, here’s the trick;

The CHARGES are local CODES and STATUTES. A crime, no matter where it is, REQUIRES an injured party (corpus delecti) and probable cause to claim an offense. The definition and / or facets of a crime have not been PROVEN to EXIST in this case, and dragging the Mo's through perpetual hearing after hearing is simply to egg on and try to give validation to the commonwealth's attempts to SWAY THE PEOPLE by MANIPULATING THEIR EMOTIONS (nothing new, but sometimes unrecognizable) and to COLLECT NICELY off of the value off of the bondage. As state troopers have said on the record upon interacting with the Moors July 3rd, they noted the Moors to be ”surprisingly PEACEFUL” and that they came upon them as a COURTESY STOP.

Van Epps was due to answer the proof-of-claim by a particular time according to the Maxims of Law (of which he cannot do, seeing as his information- even as it regards the STRAWMAN he is holding Jamil captive as, is INCORRECT). So Van Epps is STUCK.

You know why?

Because the Massachusetts state appears to have already begun TRADING the bonds attached per case number in exchange for profit, Van Epps would have to PERSONALLY PAY FOR ALL THE DAMAGE to cover any losses as the truth unfolds. so what does Van Epps try and do? VAN EPPS HAS TO TRY AND MAKE JAMIL LOOK CRAZY.

The state would likely be found responsible for having wrongfully persecuted many others. Time has expired for the ADA to respond to the claim and with Mr. Budreau’s help, is likely buying time while forcing Jamil to comply.

To recap,

Jamil has:

(a) already TECHNICALLY been found "NOT dangerous";

(b) been held long PAST the ”dangerousness” hold expiration for questioning the conflict between commonwealth statutes in ways that Jamil could not accept as conditions upon release;

(c) has been determined COMPETENT by Judge Budreau.

There is absolutely NO REASON for him to be in a hospital AT ALL.

Jamil’s upcoming court date is scheduled for June 15th, 2022.


Aban and Lucha’s hearing TOMORROW, June 9th, 2022. This should be a VERY INTERESTING one as well. Video conference info should be available in the morning 🤞🏽and HOPEFULLY, we don't experience problems like that one hearing Jamil had (smh).


A Re-visit of Jamhal Talib Abdullah Bey's most recent hearing for those who've been keeping up and a review for those of us who couldn't make it, because Jamhal HANDED DOWN THE LAW that day and there's a lot to learn about July 3rd his past hearing.

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