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Critically acclaimed news source VICE TV is Scheduled to Air a Special featuring Rise of the Moors TOMORROW June 19th, 2022 on SHOWTIME @ 8pm.

Vice News will be airing a special they say will be about the following:

"Isobel Yeung goes undercover in Guyana to investigate corruption in large-scale development projects; Alzo Slade meets with Moors in America (not to be confused with any group that calls themselves 'Moors in America') to learn more about their origin story, heritage and why Moorish Nationalism has become more appealing. Watch new episodes every Sunday on SHOWTIME"

For those unfamiliar with Vice News, they are a unique alternative to the average media outlet and are particularly popular with a younger, politically-inclined demographic compared to your average mom & pop's usual mainstream 5 o'clock news channel. However it is important to note that VICE is tied to investors such as media tycoon Rupert Murdoch (21st Century Fox, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Fox News, etc), so as far as the authenticity of their intentions, no one truly knows. However they did offer a platform to expand a conversation catapulted by the events of July 3rd with the Rise of the Moors civic organization , and may surprise us all with their report on Moorish Americans.

Who knows?

But since most people are emotionally sensationalized by what they consume of the mass media, we ask that those who choose to consume this coverage please weigh opinions and perspectives as it relates to Rise of the Moors with the facts of the case provided at this officially approved press & publishing outlet and that you might also advise others to do the same, as no one can truly be sure of Vice's political views, agenda, their sponsors, partnerships, or how they might spin a story as to why they've decided to include Rise of the Moors in their TV special.

Like any other community, Moors are often misunderstood and at odds from time to time, especially with generational gaps creating differences in perspectives amongst Moors of the Americas generally. With that in mind, it is advised that viewers weigh their emotional reactions with more logical thought form, and to really analyze the information consumed before making conclusions so that we do not provide those with intentions to cause division amongst Moors with an opportunity to do so.

For raw case files and video footage, feel free to visit the public drive and also check out Who the Muurs are to the Americas for furthering educational purposes.

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