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Jamil Rasul Bey is Home!!

It is with heartfelt gratitude that we are happy to announce  that Jamil Rasul Bey, the last Mo of the eleven Mo’s abducted July 3rd, is finally released and that it is because of Jamil’s family, friends and supporters joining us in one of the most challenging experiences Jamil has surely endured 🙏🏽If we could wrap our arms around all of those who have walked by our side through these trying times, would be the biggest hug that we would wish to give!🥳

But meanwhile, we’d like to send a special gift of gratitude to those who’ve donated🎁, and would like for anyone who did so via CashApp / PayPal / Zelle to please email with a mailing address and to confirm your CashApp, PayPal or Zelle handles/tags along with the address, so that we may share our blissings with you and yours 🤲🏾

There may still lie great challenges ahead regarding this case, although every win is worth celebrating and still counts toward much greater accomplishments as milestones that show we can come together for one another, and that we ARE stronger together than apart.  And most of all, it is a message of hope to the world that unity is possible. To contact Jamil directly, feel free to email

Stay looped for future updates!

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