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Jamil Rasul Bey hearing TODAY July 12th, 2022

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

While there hasn’t been much time to catch everyone up, we appreciate everyone’s patience and love!

So much has happened since last we get down to the nitty gritty, but some quick highlights to get everyone up to speed on where things are:

The last hearing was an unscheduled, spontaneous hearing held July 8th by presiding admin judge James Budreau as to his abusive decisions that led to Jamil’s exposure to the dangerous environment of a mental facility and a series of affidavits and notices Jamil administered privately regarding the matter (Affidavit of Estoppel being the latest communication just prior to that July 8th hearing), Budreau called Jamil in to say that he was stepping down off of the case.

Meanwhile, Van Epps was not there, instead sending a stand-in for that day. This particular July 8th hearing was an attempt to persuade Jamil to sign a waiver of counsel, yet Jamil knew his rights and was not swayed to do so, able to defend the position with what knowledge he did have that to waive any right is to waive all rights and that one could not be forced to do so. He presented the evidence supporting these facts and was then remanded back to the jailhouse.

Today is an apparent “status review” hearing with a new court administrator on the job, even though it would have been the most appropriate move to release Jamil the last hearing seeing the amount of injury Jamil has already sustained, that Budreau is the 3rd magistrate / judge to be removed by Jamil or having removed themselves, and the ADA Van Epps doesn’t have much to respond back to Jamil with as it regards a proof-of-claim, has missed all the deadlines to do so, and is in violation already of several things since the onset of this unlawful ordeal.

Stay tuned! If any information is made available for public participation today we will surely share because as always, your presence is a present 🎁

Today’s affirmation is that Jamil is already released unconditionally, without delay or bondage, set free and on his way home now.

This deed is WELL overdue and since it’s clear that our collective consciousness resulted in positive outcomes for Jamil these recent hearings, lets keep them coming‼️

🙏🏽prayers up🙏🏽

From the five points of light with Love, Truth, Peace Freedom & Justice, we love y’all :)

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