Jamil R. Bey is Scheduled to Appear for a Competency Hearing TOMORROW, 06.15.2022 CCY

For anyone who’s had the chance to catch up on what happened May 24th, Jamil is set to appear for a hearing June 15th (tomorrow) regarding the results of a competency exam he was sent to Bridgewater State Hospital for.

Since having been sent there, we’ve learned that the hospital has a housing unit named Bradford where those held in custody are evaluated to determine one’s psychological and intellectual capacity to present themselves at court, ordered by Van Epps and James Budreau presiding, pursuant to Chapter 123 section 15 of Massachusetts General Laws.

The dilemma here as it regards Jamil is that Jamil was already found competent at the April 14th hearing by Budreau himself, and sending him to this state hospital seems to have ulterior motives, which of course cannot go ignored based on the past behaviors of the Massachusetts Commonwealth to date.

Where things went wrong the last hearing.

For the May 24th hearing, there was no public announcement from RiseOverMass.News that the hearing was coming up because upon speaking with Jamil to ask how he felt it would go, he said that all there was to talk about with Van Epps was his response to Jamil’s proof-of-claim and that the courts would likely do what they usually do with Jamil and railroad and/or avoid the conversation or immediately postpone it and send Jamil back to Middlesex Jail & H.O.C., which would have been a very short hearing to gather everyone up for. But the hearing took a different twist, and the one person who WAS waiting on Zoom was left in the waiting room the entire hearing without the ability to witness when they moved him straight from the courthouse to the Bridgewater State Hospital. Upon checking with clerks on the status of the hearing after the long wait, they'd mentioned it was over.

Here's a re-cap of the hearing:

  • Budreau gets on the topic of Jamil’s name, after Jamil’s identity, nationality, and who he is has already been established on the record with the lower Malden District Court AND Middlesex Superior Court's Laurence D. Pierce and addressed several times in past hearings.

  • Jamil states that it has already been established with evidence that he is not LAMAR DOW and asks why the subject of a name keeps coming up.

  • Budreau says that the conflict over his name has not been established, and Jamil corrects Budreau with stating that it has in fact been established on the record with evidence to support the statement.

  • Budreau practices law from the bench ( per his usual conduct, which is against the law) suggesting Jamil to file a motion based upon that claim, and asks Van Epps to identify what motions have been submitted.

  • Van Epps says the motions have yet to be ruled on based upon the colloquy he says was "never conducted"on Jamil. Van Epps mentions he received a “request for proof-of-claim” and Jamil asks him if he brought the proof of claim. Van Epps says the case is criminal and not civil. Jamil interjects telling the ADA that if it is criminal, to produce the injured party, and the judge interferes. Ironically, what aided in Budreau's determination that Jamil is competent April 14th was his ability to prove why a colloquy is not for Jamil to be subjected to, holding the commonwealth responsible to their OWN rules and regulations on the matter, further evidencing co-conspiracy between the courts and ADA Van Epps to have pre-planned what they'd intended for Jamil's May 24th hearing anyway.

  • The judge says Jamil will have his chance to speak, but with how things have transpired in previous hearings, Jamil asks "I’ll have my opportunity to speak before I’m rushed out again?” Budreau says he has to comply with court orders and Jamil states that he does not because the courts have not proven authority (jurisdiction).

  • Van Epps suggests to Budreau that Jamil be evaluated via MGL chapter 123 section 15, where Budreau says that based upon review of the docket, he agrees and orders it done at Bridgewater State Hospital. From the looks of things, the ADA and courts had already planned what they were going to do before the hearing even began.

  • Jamil states that there is failure to state a proper claim against him that any relief may be granted in their courts. He asks the courts who they are “dealing with”, as it is generally known that these administrative courts are courts of commerce that are there to broker deals.

  • Jamil is then dismissed and sent to Bridgwater state hospital. The court then goes on to laugh and joke about the hearing.

It’s often wondered if that would have happened if there were more people there to witness, especially in person. But for tomorrow, Jamil can use all the support he can get whether it’s on the video conference or in person 🙏🏽

As always, your presence is a present 🎁 and we hope you can make it into the hearing with us to keep an eye on things as well as a support team for Jamil in this peculiar predicament.

For those versed in spiritual warfare is the following affirmation to come into agreeance upon.

We release the agents, cohorts, and magicians of ill-will for the Massachusetts Commonwealth to the higher frequencies of Allah’s will that Angles of light shine so brightly that evil is driven away. We welcome divine and miraculous intervention, seizing their evil deeds from destroying what is good and just.

What it looks like to release all bindings of the Massachusetts Commonwealth is freedom from oppression, the prison industrial complex, and the revelation of higher, right-law isonomi principles triumphant in overcoming blatant corruption, bringing into balance the universal truth that is All Law, that there may be peace on earth as it is in heaven (as above so below).

In releasing these binds, we are manifesting that the ethers conspire in favor of Jamil Rasul Bey and his brothers resulting in immediate release from the grasp of bondage through complete and total success of his goals. By his seeds of faith, hard work, courage, intelligence, love, generosity, authority, and bravery we ask that his efforts may communicate with the Universe in fruition of unconditional freedom aligned with the divine order of Allah’s perfect will.

Zoom information will be available in the morning, so keep an eye out 👀

Peace! Love! Prosperity & Gratitude in all circumstances, for Allah's grace & mercy is omnipotent all ways, and with gratitude comes prosperity.

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