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Jamil R. Bey is Once Again Put to the Test, and in a Strange Twist of Fate, He Prevails.

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

For those who made it to Jamil Rasul Bey's hearing yesterday after a 20 day court-ordered competency exam at a state hospital, a small victory may take Jamil quite a long way, but not before he was tried and tested. After all, not even the greatest of prophets escaped the tempter;

" ...And He went forth into the wilderness to be alone with Allah, that He might look into His inner heart, and note his strength and worthiness. And with Himself He talked, He said: 'My lower self is strong; by many ties I am bound to carnal life. Have I the strength to overcome and give my life a willing sacrifice for men? When I shall stand before the face of men, and they demand a proof of my Messiahship, what will I say?' ... And then the tempter said 'Look forth upon the world; behold its honors and its fame! Behold its pleasures and its wealth! If you will give your life for these they shall be yours.' But Jesus said: "Away from me all tempting thoughts. My heart is fixed. I spurn this carnal self with all its vain ambition and its pride"

- The Holy Koran of the Moorish Holy Temple of Science Ch.15 verse 2-5, 13-15

"Divine Ministry of Jesus" (also see: Matthew 4:1-11, Geneva Bible of 1599)

Jamil is found "not incompetent" twice over by state judge James Budreau the day of April 14th as well as June 15th, and during a 20-day court-ordered hospital stay where a psychologist formally confirmed Jamil "not incompetent".

To re-cap on the June 15th hearing:

- Budreau states he's reviewed the competency report (from the hospital), and suggests the standby has as well, and states that he "is not inclined to find based upon the report that he (Jamil) is not incompetent to stand trial at THIS point", he says, "we will keep an eye on that as we go along."

- Budreau says "the biggest problem right now is representation", saying that one of the steps they need to get through is a collequy with a series of questions (although as Jamil has previously proven, a colloquy is inappropriate and he was already subjected to it on April 14th when Budreau determined Jamil "competent").

- Budreau mentions several times (as if he is unaware that the matter regards Moorish Americans) that "if he were in the Kingdom of Morocco" the rules would have to be followed as they are there (which of course is part of Asia Minor as opposed to the Americas of Asia Major, as we learn here in Who the Muurs are to the Americas ) .

- Budreau says he needs to ask the questions to "allow" Jamil to "re-present" himself. He tells Jamil to follow the rules of the court, attempting common ground with Jamil by suggesting it may end up in some appellate court, or "maybe Supreme Court", he says, but only if Jamil cooperates (keep in mind that Jamil appears for every scheduled date against his will, evidence that he is not combatant nor disrespectful, and requiring the plaintiff to prove the claim is any Man's natural right to self-defense. )

"What if we don't have a defendant?", Jamil says.

Budreau says he can litigate or argue those positions along the way, but only if Jamil allows them to put him into a "status" as "council".

Allegedly, Jamil does not have the "status" to assert that he is not who they have held captive for nearly a year.

- Budreau states "I know you believe it's the burden of the Commonwealth to do that...but until you are in a place to make those arguements..."; and Jamil retorts "and he (Van Epps) is?"

"What was the April 14th status hearing about? Out of your own mouth you stated I was competent to present myself in court" asks Jamil.

Budreau says he can't remember.

Jamil replies "I don't understand the nature or the cause of this action, and I don't wish to participate"

Reminiscent of Yehoshua with Satan comes the moment the tempter tries Jamil;

"If you don't wish to participate, look it - you have a number of people in court in the same group as you are who've been released on some minimal level, who have chosen to re-present themselves...and they've moved forward", says Budreau.

"We're going backwards here" says Jamil, "We've already had a status hearing ".

Budreau goes on to say "Listen to me. Until you are representing yourself -"

(and then Jamil drops a TRUTH bomb)

"I can't RE-present Myself. I can PRESENT My Self because I AM My Self!"

Budreau says Jamil's not gonna get anywhere with this. "Sitting in a jail cell with no place to go"he says, "spinning your wheels like a hamster on a wheel. This is not gonna work!"

"Let the record reflect that I'm continually being abused, and the Commonwealth has not stated a valid claim against Me so I don't understand the nature and the cause of this action. I filed paperwork and a notice to the court and an affidavit of merit received on the 6th and 10th of June. Have you read that?", says Jamil.

Budreau says he's not reading anything.

Jamil states "let the record reflect that the judge is refusing to perform his judicial duties by (not) reading any paperwork presented to the court by any party of the defense".

Budreau goes on to tell Jamil he's getting caught up in words.

Jamil says "no YOU are, because you're refusing to continue because I am not using your words, which is a trick. You are trying to defraud me. Thats what you're doing. You're refusing to read any of my already stated I was competent to present My Self!(on April 14th)" Budreau says "No I haven't. I haven't. I don't know where you got that from."

(Are you READING this madness??! Okay readers. YOU be the judge, and click this link of the April 14th hearing to listen at approx. 51 min 20 seconds where there's evidence to the contrary. Now Tell us what Budreau states for the record and let us know what y'all heard, 'cuz we know what WE heard!)

Jamil chuckles at the ridiculousness.

Budreau says "I was asking you questions to SEE if you are".

Jamil states "I don't understand the nature and cause of these actions".

"If I can't read you these questions to say that you're presenting yourself -" says Budreau,

"We've done this already" says Jamil,

"No we haven't" says Budreau.

Jamil then directs a question to Van Epps; "So ADA Van Epps do you not recall a status hearing ... to see if I am competent...on April 14th?"

Budreau tells Jamil to direct his questions to him and not Van Epps.

Jamil states "the court does not have a valid claim against Me and you are refusing to compel the Commonwealth to provide a proof of claim."

"You've been indicted sir" says Budreau.

Jamil says "I have not been indicted. I am not 'LAMAR DOW'"

- Budreau continues to try to pin this "state of Morocco" presumption he has on Jamil, saying "if I were in front of the King of Morocco...". Jamil retorts "We're in America" and Budreau says "if I were to be prosecuted by your court, I would adhere to their rules" as if he does not know what a Moorish American is and where they are from!!!!

But guess what Budreau just did by default?

Confirm that Jamil is not a U.S. subject EVEN IF Jamil is not a citizen of the Kingdom of Morocco. Budreau basically closed the casket on any jurisdictional question of Jamil Rasul Bey's many proclamations of national standing as an AA222141 Moorish American foreign national of North, South, Central America, and its adjoining isles.

Things get moor and moor interesting from there the last few minutes!!

In a nutshell, Jamil's proof-of-claim has yet to receive a response from the prosecuting A.D.A. Van Epps. Meanwhile, Jamil has been abused by the courts, jailhouses, unnecessarily sent to a Mental hospital, kept from his family for nearly a year as some Thing he is not, and takes authority of the courtroom when Budreau refuses to perform his judicial duties. The standby attorney forced onto Jamil also attempts to resign, and James Budreau looks completely stumped in the end. Jamil is sent back to Middlesex Jail & House of Corrections meanwhile.

Meanwhile, time for a critical thinking exercise by asking yourself this:

How can Budreau not know that the matter regards Moorish Americans and what Moorish Americans are in such a high-profile case as this (or does he)?

Why would Budreau continue to beat a dead horse over the topic of Jamil's "name", unless he is attempting to force Jamil to be someone or something he is not as he's been adamantly proclaiming on the record since July 3rd?

How can the court continue to demand Jamil "cooperates" as if appearing under threat, duress and coercion as someone he is not without resistance is not cooperative enough?

Have the practices of the court not clearly been abusive since the beginning of this fiasco? Visit the public drive for access to the case files to make your own determination.

Last but NOT LEAST: Gratitude! Gratitude! Gratitude!

There is not enough gratitude we can show for those who sacrificed their day to be present at the hearing. When we were told it was scheduled anywhere from 9am to 1pm and actually started at about 2pm and some of y'all stuck around all day and We THANK YOU for sticking it out because you may have no idea how much it means to experience the solidarity, it is inspiring.

While there is not as much to give in as much abundance as is felt by those of us who appreciate your presence, we hope this educational e-book for readers and a record for music lovers we share as a token of gratitude is worthy of the time and energy you put in today.

From the Five Points of Light with Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom & Justice,

Mrs. Scribe & the P.O.D. Pub Hub

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