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Jamil is Offered Immediate Release for $5,040.00

At the hearing for which Jamil Rasul Bey was made to appear today, he is offered immediate pre-trial release for $5,040.00, and although he fought to be released on personal recognizance or no more than $1,000 but if they must take a ransom, lets get the man home!!

There is still much work to be done nonetheless, but his family and children need him very much right now and his work can be done from home for those able & willing to assist in raising the funds to get him there.

We remain ever grateful for those who’ve helped continually pull the Moors through these trying times traversing many peaks and valleys in uncharted areas of life. We are filled with overwhelming humility by the abundance of support and sustenance as we count the blissings.

More details to come on today’s hearing soon...

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