Final Trial Conference TODAY @ 12pm for Lucha El Por Libertad & Aban El Curragh

Paz y Amuur Familia,

Per the most recent hearing Aban El Curragh & Lucha El Por Libertad had is a final trial conference scheduled for TODAY where trial dates are picked.

For anyone who can make it @ 12pm is the zoom link info is as follows:


Meeting ID: 161 369 5987

ALSO, upcoming dates include:

Jamhal Talib Abdullah Bey : 7/11 final trial conference

Will El Musa: 7/21 final trial conference

Rob El Don: 7/21 final trial conference

Jamil Rasul Bey: 6/15 Competency Exam follow-up hearing

Lucha El Por Libertad: 7/11 final trial conference

Omaar Malik Antonio El: 7/28 evidentiary hearing to dismiss

Conald Soliman Quisqueyano Bey: 7/28 evidentiary hearing to dismiss

Aban El Curragh: 6/13 scheduling conference

Quinn Khabir El: 7/11 final trial conference

Tariff Sherif Bey: 7/15 final trial conference

To get to know the Mo’s please visit their bios at the link below :

Again we THANK YOU ALL for your presence. It is a gift 🎁 ,

💚 Friends of Rise

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