Case Updates as of Ramadan 12, 1443 AH = April 13th, 2022 CCY

Updated: Apr 16

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  • Jamil Rasul Bey’s upcoming hearing scheduled for TOMORROW April 14th, 2022 CCY is for what is called a “colloquy”, which is a series of questions to confirm that a person who is presenting one’s Self is aware of the responsibility of doing so without re-presentation (a court- appointed attorney). Although according to THEIR court procedures, a "colloquy" is to question the prosecutor. So the law of the land applies when the courts want to interrogate others, but not when they are held to the same laws? SMH. This will be the 3rd attempt at the courts conducting this sort of "hearing" with Jamil, so he has written the courts regarding the matter to save unnecessary conversation and expedite proceedings tomorrow. Bail should be addressed as well since he was found "not dangerous" months ago, and is really just sitting because the judge did not like Jamil's questions about judge LAURENCE PIERCE's conditions for bail consideration. Seeing that Jamil was able to successfully have the FIRST assigned standby attorney dismissed at district court and has since proven the CURRENT standby attorney at the local superior court as negligent, Jamil has submitted several affidavits dismissing this attorney as well. It is noteworthy to share that Jamil re-opened his OWN 58A “dangerousness” hearing ALL BY HIMSELF and that he is more than confident that he knows what is required of him where his faith in Allah fulfills what he may lack as who he proclaims is his ONLY lawyer until he is sent divine assistance by an upright individual who reflects He and his values. For direct access to Jamil’s files, click HERE for district court records and HERE for superior court records. Hearing time and details will be updated as soon as they are provided.


  • Re: the Middlesex Correctional jailhouse retaliation leading up to the jail yard attack before Jamil Rasul Bey was sent to the hole are photos of the physical assault Jamil suffered as a result. To correct the record, the officer that physically assaulted him is NOT Frank Hawk, as the witness account notates. However, for Jamil’s safety, the officer responsible for this is currently kept confidential while the investigations unit at the jailhouse currently house first-hand accounts of the incident.

  • Lucha El Por Libertad’s most recent hearing resulted in bail, however the courts are doing this thing where they notify people last-minute of in-person hearings that could potentially trip them up and cause a warrant.

Aban El Curragh had a moment where a hearing was recently scheduled last-minute after his bail release that he could only have found out from a standby attorney without having missed a court appearance, which certainly would have resulted in a warrant. This sort of behavior on behalf of the Middlesex Superior Court leads one to wonder what actually happened to Iyanga Bey who is still currently imprisoned, seeing as she DID appear at court as permitted on Zoom and was still abducted from her home by Marshalls at Arkansas at the behest of Massachusetts. Lucha El Por Libertad also has a follow-up hearing scheduled for TOMORROW April 14th as well.

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What You Might Have Missed.

  • Jamhal Talib Abdullah Bey’s recent April 4th hearing was SUPPOSED to be a bail hearing, but it ends up that prosecuting ADA Graham Geoffrey Van Epps’ attempts a motion to extend Jamhal Talib Abdullah Bey’s captivity by “excluding time” within recent months of said captivity due to any written submissions to the court by the Mo’s which Van Epps’ alleges has something to do with statutory rules that validate keeping Jamhal, Jamil & Quinn captive. The judge asks Van Epps to interpret what he is requesting after Jamhal asserts that Van Epps is a practiced attorney who should know what it is that Van Epp’s is presenting to the courts himself (Van Epps thought he wouldn’t’ have to explain himself). Jamhal points out how he’s met an inmate who slit someone’s throat and is out on bail ( a prime example of Massachusetts letting true criminals out can be found here) and how holding them with no probable cause, crime, injured party, or anything else makes any sense. It’s important to note that Van Epps seems to be sending alleged “discoveries” (his findings as to why they should be tried) to the Moors LATE and turning his OWN assignments in late, and then asking for “exclusion of time” to further hold the Mo’s captive. To review the full hearing, click HERE. For a similar article on the types of folks getting bail as to what Jamhal is referencing, click HERE.

  • After Jamhal Talib Abdullah Bey’s recent hearing and a recent post-mail delivery to Middlesex Superior Court regarding Jamil Rasul Bey’s immediate release by the Moorish National Republic Federal Government, the clerk’s office turned their public phone lines into private phone lines requiring seven-digit extension. If anyone is interested in following up when there are issues with the Zoom, direct inbox the site and we will follow up with the courts about such issues. If anyone would like to show up and request whatever necessary from the clerk’s office, public records cannot be denied to the People. Also, if you’re local and would like to sit in on hearings, the physical address to Middlesex Superior Court is: 200 Tradecenter Drive Woburn, Massachusetts 01801.

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