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Bittersweet: Jamhal Talib Abdullah Bey Is Home! Jamil Rasul Bey Remains the Last One Held Captive.

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

It's Bittersweet, but ten of eleven Mo's are home. One Moor to go.

While we are unsure how long he will be home for, we’ve been present for HEARINGS up until now, and Jamhal’s TRIAL as of now was slated for this upcoming AUGUST 1st, 2022, but has been postponed. The updated calendar will be available asap.

Jamil R. Bey is the last one still held captive

Re: Jamil Rasul Bey's Perpetual Captivity

All the Mo’s are home accept for Jamil Rasul Bey, who’s still being held for unclear reasons (besides his firmly standing on his square).

At the last hearing, a request for pre-trial release upon personal recognizance seems to have been denied. Docket notes do not clearly explain if pre-trial release in general is being denied, or if it's just a release upon personal recognizance, because a bail has yet to be notated at the clerk's office. More details will be revealed once Jamil receives the written memorandum & order by the presiding Magistrate over the matter, Mr. David Deakin. Below is what the vague docket entry reads:


Omnibus Memorandum and Procedural Order on defendant's request for release from pre-trial detention and other pending motions (sidetone: Jamil hasn't submitted any motions in months) CONCLUSION for the foregoing reasons, the defendant's motion for release from pretrial detention DENIED WITHOUT PREJUDICE. Further proceedings will follow the procedure set out in this memorandum. " - David A. Deakin.

The next hearing date is scheduled for August 30th, 2022, of which the matter could be revisited OR something could transpire between now and then...lets see.

to catch up on the deets of the matter, listen to the outcome of the most recent hearing here and the related (unpleasant) surprise hearing James Budreau made Jamil show up to for July 8th here.

For those hoping to gift Jamil with sustanence meanwhile,

Jamil will absolutely appreciate and could utilize whatever folks may have to spare for commissary, outgoing phone calls, and / or bail funds (make sure to note what you would like your donation to go toward if you have a preference) via:

  • CashApp : $4JRBey

  • PayPal : @podvision

  • Zelle :


Also, Jamil loves books!! Particularly Moorish books and wholistic wellness books. They can be sent via Amazon.


Far as letter-writing meanwhile, BE MINDFUL that none of your letters are private! The jail WILL read them, so keep it short & sweet (aka “say less”, books are best ;0)

Psst! The Ancestors are listening...

When you dig one hole, dig two…” ~Jamaican Proverb~

While we cannot always be present physically, spiritual support DOES WORK! Coming into agreement with affirmations is equally as helpful. Below we come into agreeance with the following:

Peace, Power & Release affirmations for Jamil Rasul Bey

Jamil Rasul Bey WILL be as sharp as a sword, healthy, disciplined, vigilant & wiser as a result of the adversity which WILL strengthen Jamil.

Jamil’s liberation from captivity will bring about transformation THIS DAY, divinely aligned to be the seal which binds all iniquity workers - seen and unseen, that are part of the justice system upon the release of our brotherJamil Rasul Bey, aka “the seal”.

These inequity workers will face a most crucial judgement of all time, and for with their arrogance and ignorance, what they do not believe, they shall surely come to know. For trespass of natural liberties and offenses against the innocent is like a boomerang, sure to come right back around. And for liberation, the time is NOW.

PISSETH against the wall shall escape the judgement that is underway, that all Moors alongside the People of all walks of life will bare witness.

Freedom bestowed unto Jamil Rasul Bey is a freedom for all, and we welcome you home today with open arms. Amun Ra . Asé, Asé

~ 4m the Americans of Xaymaca (Jamaica).

For those who can be physically present at any hearing/trial,

YOU make a HUGE difference!

Recent Zoom hearings have been tampered with and certain court clerks have been proven caniving and unreliable, however for those willing and able to ride it out on Zoom with the rest of us who cannot physically appear, just to be present your Zoom participation is still all ways appreciated.

For updates with Jamhal, visit @official_riseofthemoors on instagram.

Last But Not Least!

We wish to thank ALL OF YOU for your assistance in getting through this! The support has surely given hope to those who could not see the light at the end of the tunnel, and continues to. ~ Friends of Rise of the Moors

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