August 7th Updates on Jamil Rasul Bey : He Needs Cheerleaders Right Now

As Jamil awaits an August 30th hearing and pending correspondence on updates from presiding judge David A. Deakin, He is the last Moor held captive at Middlesex Jail & House of Corrections.

For some reason, when Jamil attempts to reach out through the Securus telephone lines to check in with family as of late, pressing the prompt to answer the phone call is not working. The facility alleges the phone calls are not restricted, and attempted contact with Securus to address the issue is not producing results.

Writing Jamil a Letter.

Although the post mail is not necessarily private, now is the time Jamil might need to hear from friends & family more than ever, just so he knows he has people out there who care because he really could use the support right now.

If there are any friends or family available to visit him, please write to let him know and maybe somehow it can be arranged. It’s kinda tough for him to get stamps outside of what is required to mail legal documents to the courts, and so if you don’t hear back, please consider that it’s likely because the finances for stamps are hard to come by (postage is pretty expensive there). Still, it is good for him to hear words of encouragement and upliftment from y’all, and i’m sure that mail can’t get scrutinized for being good vibes

It seems we live in desperate times right now and folks have become quite busy as of late, but it’s unclear why the phone lines are malfunctioning and while Jamil is laser-focused on getting through this without burdening others (it’s tough for him to say when he needs support, because he feels like he’s bothering people), we want to be sure the commonwealth and jailhouse is aware that Jamil does have eyes on them, so that Jamil does not disappear into the background or something happen because of any lack of interactivity.


If you have mailed Jamil or planned to mail him books, it is discovered that the facility will not allow hardcover books, and books must be soft cover, otherwise the facility will refuse and send them back to Amazon. Folks have sent books he was excited to read, but were returned because of the hardcover 🙏🏽

The mailing address for those who can make time to get in touch is:

Remember : books must have a soft cover! and whatever you write is subject to 3rd party snooping👀 so be mindful what you write✍🏽

For those who recently sent books:

Jamil is ever thankful!

Some of them got returned for having heard covers but a special thanks to Uncle Buzz for taking the time to send those💚

To all of the donors out there:

You all have no idea how much your support assists! Thank you for choosing to help out when times are hard for most people right now. Whether it is for you or not, your sacrifices are much appreciated 🥰 May Allah bliss you all with love

From the Five Points of Light with Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice 💚

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