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With gratitude to the several who donated, We are ever grateful for your patience, after having had crowdfunds rejected by GoFundMe and pulled by Givebutter with no explanation & for no good reason, but not before we raised $1,435.00 in support ( yay!).








Your support has made the following efforts possible:

- Civil suit development, processing & maintenance.

- Coverage of communication fees (i.e. case-related phone calls, post mail)

- This private platform powered by your donations

- Collection of resources across the Moorish Empire for this collective effort.

- Labor costs (Time x Creativity x Energy)

- A library of relevant case information for public access

We turnin' lemons into lemonade y'all!!


A Special Thanks...

To those whose brave efforts brought together the people and things to make this all possible. We love you and thank you for all you have done!

Please visit the calendar here for updates on things like upcoming suits AGAINST the commonwealth, trial dates involving the Moors, and any other case-related information.

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